Doctor Our Master

Doctor Doctor Nithiyanandam, Spiritual Master

This site is dedicated to our beloved Master - a phenomenon called DOCTOR: the evidence of whose glory and compassion lies treasured in our hearts.

Sathguru Dr. Nithyanandam was born in this world on 6th January 1939 and it is said that He departed on 3rd July 1995. The world is yet to know that He is the resurrection and the life.

He was the master of all situations for He was the master of the VITAL BREATH. He took of this world its pain and he gave to it his joy and he happened in this world since we needed him. since we needed him.

"I cannot come and go like a mushroom", He said and he cannot vanish without fulfilling His sacred mission of righteousness, founded in the great Siddha tradition of Sage Agasthya.

Doctor has not lost touch with us. We have been recieving communications from Him and some of our spiritual experiences are bound to have far-reaching consequences.

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